The Dented Stories

2016 Album

1.Ready Player One – Oren Amram Club Mix6:16
2.Never Too Late – Glenn Main Remix4:17
3.Spit It Out – Kei Kohara Remix4:38
4.Possibilities – Hommage à Greg by Blipblop4:00
5.Moments – Johan Baeckström Remix4:56
6.Hyperspace Bypass – Autodafeh Remix3:41
7.The Great Big Nothing – Obsession of Time remix4:00
8.Afraid – ARGH Remix5:50
9.Virtues – Vanguard Remix4:11
10.Ready Player One – People Theatre Remix6:31
11.Never Too Late – Demo Version4:37
12.Spit It Out – The Department M25 Remix4:09
13.Possibilities – 2nd Happiest Remix4:54
14.Moments – Modiga Agenter Remix3:49
15.Hyperspace Bypass – Bitflipp Remix3:44
16.The Great Big Nothing – 56 Degrees North Remix4:02
17.Safe – Kretz Remix7:28
18.Virtues – Me The Tiger Remix3:39

Releasedatummars 4, 2016